What is Remote Collaboration?

Remote collaboration is a means by which team members separated by distance can collaborate, working toward a single goal. Made...
February 15, 2022
- 5 min. read
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Product Update - January 2022

In this article and video, Julien is exploring what the team has been up to over the month of January 2022.
Julien Lehuraux
February 07, 2022
- 3 min. read
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Remote Pair Programming: The Specificities

Using remote pair programming (also known as distributed development) allows developers to collaborate in real time and on the same...
Angela Catalino
December 29, 2021
- 6 min. read
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Setup of a Pair Programming Room

Pair programming rooms can come in all shapes and sizes, from dimly lit backrooms to bright and airy conference rooms...
Angela Catalino
December 20, 2021
- 4 min. read
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Pair Programming Partner Picking Principles

Pair programming is an excellent technique that can help you to develop your skills and help you learn from another...
Angela Catalino
December 16, 2021
- 5 min. read
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Beginners Ground Rules for Remote Pair Programming

You’re about to try remote pair programming for the first time, congratulations! Set aside fears and biases, here are some...
Aurélie Chancelet
December 13, 2021
- 5 min. read
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