What is Remote Collaboration?

February 15, 2022
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Remote collaboration is a means by which team members separated by distance can collaborate, working toward a single goal. Made possible by various technological tools, remote collaboration has changed the face of business as we see it today by increasing productivity and efficiency.

Why Use Remote Collaboration?

Through remote collaboration digital interfaces, a CEO of a company in one part of the world can work with a CEO of a sister company on the opposite side of the world.

The benefits of this type of teamwork are many and include::

  • Improved productivity.
  • Access to a larger talent pool.
  • Access to a more diverse talent pool.
  • Realtime communication.
  • Lower company overhead.
  • Improved employee comfort.

Improved Productivity

According to the Finances Online “Online Collaboration Software Statistics for 2022” collaboration tools can help a 100-employee company to “reach up to $247, 500 in productivity benefits!”

The same source cites a 20-30% increase in productivity for the average business using remote collaboration tools!

Why do th tools improve productivity? Because they reduce lost time by allowing employees to connect regardless of their geographic location!

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Remote collaboration tools also provide companies with access to a larger talent pool. Rather than being limited to local employees or relocating employees, remote collaboration tools extend the hiring search globally!

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Access to a More Diverse Talent Pool

Remote collaboration tools do not only increase the pool of potential employees; they also increase the level of diversity within a company. By opening the hiring opportunity globally, a company welcomes the opportunity to bring in more diverse employees who can offer a unique perspective on products, services, and niche markets.

Lower Company Overhead

Remote collaboration tools also allow employees to telecommute, which has proven beneficial during the COVID pandemic. In fact, according to the Finances Online “Online Collaboration Software Statistics for 2022” since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 176% increase in collaboration apps installed on enterprise devices! 

The availability of remote collaboration software has saved many businesses from closing their doors during COVID-19, but it has also set the stage for a future more dependent on telecommuting. For many companies, that shift to telecommuting means lower overhead costs as they move away from office spaces and into a more virtual workplace.

Improved Employee Comfort

Remote collaboration also allows employees to work in a home office and establish an environment conducive to productivity. These comforts of home have greatly improved the quality of life for many employees worldwide. In fact, one study (How are millennials shaping the future of work?) even found that “more than 75% of Millennials” now believe that a work-from-anywhere setup or remote work opportunity is an important company policy.

Having an office atmosphere that caters to individual working styles allows employees to cut out unnecessary background noise and distractions. On the same token, employees who work better with background noise can do so without distracting other office workers! 

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Remote Collaboration Tools

As we become a society increasingly dependent on remote collaboration tools, the number of tools at our disposal is growing. Some of these tools include:

  • Video conferencing.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Live voice broadcast.
  • Interactive coding.
  • One-click onboarding.
  • Live streaming.
  • App and web clients.
  • Session recording.

Other software options offer all these features in a single software suite, making virtual collaboration options much more diverse; Drovio is one of those software options.

Drovio Remote Collaboration Tool

Drovio is a multifunctional tool that offers a variety of features that are designed specifically for remote collaboration regardless of the distance between users.


One feature that is a necessity for any remote collaboration tool – no matter how big or small a company is – is security. Through P2P technology and end-to-end encryption of each session, every step of using Drovio is a secure experience, so you never have to worry about data leaks or compromised corporate secrets. 

Low Latency

Drovio also boasts low latency, meaning that users get a real time experience when collaborating on any applications.

Swap Who Shares

Drovio also has a “swap who shares” feature that allows users to swap between being the presenter and guest. With one click of the “swap” icon, users can choose what they want to share with the other party!

One Click Invites

Drovio’s one-click invite system also makes it seamless to invite users. Your contacts appear on the Drovio and you can start screen sharing sessions with them from one click.

Record Your Session

Drovio’s “Record Your Session” feature is an extra feature that makes it simple to record each Drovio session for future reference. This feature is perfect for onboarding videos and instructional walk-throughs that will need repeating frequently.

Shared Control

Drovio’s shared control feature allows up to ten session users to have a mouse cursor within the shared screen. Giving each participant control over their own cursor makes group discussion and explanation a much easier process!

Voice Chat and Video

Of course, Drovio also offers voice chat and video features that form the base platform of any remote collaboration tool! Drovio lets you join any session from a web browser or the app - unlike some other software options on the market. Users enjoy dual access to Drovio so that the system is usable from any device, no matter where you are!

Other Remote Collaboration Tools

Drovio is not the only remote collaboration tool out there - but with the sheer scalability of service and the number of features it offers, it is worth investigating for your company's needs. 


Remote collaboration tools are available with a range of features from video conference calling to complete remote collaboration software suites like Drovio! These valuable tools enable companies to reap the benefit of remote employees while saving overhead costs and improving overall corporate efficiency. 

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