Product Update - January 2022

Julien Lehuraux
February 07, 2022
- 3 min. read

Hey folks, hope you had a great start into 2022! As you know, with new years come new resolutions. Our resolution has been to provide you with fresh news about what we've been up to with Drovio. We'll know do that on a monthly basis via a video. I hope you'll like this new format!

I’m excited today to bring you around our January update. But first, I’d like to thank you for all the feedback you shared with us through our Google form. It’s highly appreciated and valued.

And when you do that, you actually help us shape the future of Drovio. A future aligned to your image, to your needs.

So keep the feedback coming on We love hearing from our users.

Alright, let’s jump right in and take a look at the cool new things we added to the app.

Share a portion of screen

Sharing a whole screen with your team is great but sometimes you just don’t want to show what’s running on your computer. And let’s not talk about those unsorted screenshots on your desktop. With Drovio, you could already share a specific application. You can now share a static portion of your screen as well. To do that, you just need to select the new option “Share portion of screen” when you’re starting a call. You then get a rectangle selection that you can magnify or shrink. Click share and all the participant interactions get restrained to this portion of screen. If you’re in the middle of a session, you can also quickly switch to this new sharing mode through the session toolbar. A green outline will appear around the apps and portions of screen you share on Drovio. But you can customize that behavior on the app’s preferences.

Mac M1 chips support

You’ve been numerous to ask for a native support of the mac M1 chips. I’m glad to let you know that it’s now available. The binary comes up as a secondary package in beta for the moment. We’re currently working on aligning the app’s dependencies for each OS and architecture. When we’ll roll it out of beta, both previous and new binaries will be packaged as one. If you use brew, we’ve updated the cask so you don’t have to figure out what package you need to download. With the new mac M1 native support in Drovio, we saw CPU usage lowered by up to 10%, thus improving latency as well when sharing dynamic content.

Microsoft Teams integration coming soon

You probably know that we are big fans of Slack. This is one of the coolest tool to communicate with your remote team or even your customers. Our integration lets you jump on a Drovio session right from the Slack app using the phone button and it’s currently featured in the essential apps category of their directory. Today, I’m pumped to announce that we’ll also let you start Drovio sessions right from within Microsoft Teams. This new integration will be available very soon and the experience will be similar to what we provide through Slack.

We hope that you find those new additions useful. Be sure to download the latest version of the Drovio app.

Happy collaborating!

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