USE Together is coming out of beta

USE Together, the screen sharing app that lets you collaborate with your teammates from anywhere in the world as if you were all at the same desk 👩‍💻👨‍💻 is finally coming out of beta.

USE Together online beta has been available for free for about 20 months now and it sure has come a long way. We made it a point to listen to all of you and over these months, we received quite good feedback 👍 that allowed us to improve the app considerably.

From all the team, and to everyone who have been using USE Together since the beginning or have just started using it, thank you 🙏.

We're thrilled today to announce that USE Together is finally getting out of beta on Wednesday, March 20.

Continue to collaborate with USE Together for free

You will be able to choose between two plans:

Both of these plans will allow you to invite up to 3 guests on your screen.

Only Basic users who share a screen will have the limitation. You will still be able to take control of a Pro user's screen with a Basic plan, even if the daily limit has been reached on your account.

Manage your team subscriptions from your account

We made it simple for teams to manage their subscriptions from one place, with centralized billing. Add, remove team members and change their plans (Basic or Pro) at anytime. Each invited team member will get the whole team added to their contact list on the app.

New 2.1 version

Last but not least, some brand new features are coming:

📹 Record the session (screen share and audio chat) to re-watch it later on. A nice feature to make instructional/demo videos and keep track of what has been said during the meeting.

🖥 A new lightweight session bar will appear on top of your screen when a session is running. It will enable you to quickly change what you're sharing, mute your microphone, record or end the session. You'll be able to hide it completely.

🔗 Opening a shareable link will now ask if you want to join the session from the app (instead of the web browser only) if you have it installed.

Please note that starting from Wednesday, March 20, you will need to update the app to the latest 2.1 version to continue using it. You will automatically be subscribed to the 15 days Pro trial.

We'll be happy to answer any question you might have. You can reach us at

Happy screen sharing 🙂