Product Update - May 2022

Julien Lehuraux
May 17, 2022
- 3 min. read

Hey folks, hope you are doing well! Time for our May product update.

Let’s begin!

Performances improved on macOS

Over the last month, we’ve continued our quest for stability and added some cool new stuffs to the app.

First up, I’m pumped to announce that we’ve greatly improved the streaming performance of the app on macOS, by up to 40% with one participant and 80% with multiple participants. Yes, you heard me right, 80%. This is especially noticeable when sharing large content like a retina screen if you’ve enabled it on Drovio. A new option is available on Windows and Linux for more advanced users in the preferences panel, that lets you change the preferred video codec. The video codecs come with pros and cons, more on that in an upcoming article on our help center.

Stability and cool new additions to the app

Next up, whether you experienced crashes during sessions, got the app stuck after waking your computer, we smashed a lot, really a lot of bugs lately. I urge you to update the app to get the best experience possible.

Also, you’ll get access to hot new stuffs:

  • Like missed call notifications. Whenever someone call you on Drovio but you were away from keyboard, you’ll now get a visual notification on the Drovio app and next to you contact avatars. Simply hover your mouse over the contact to make it disappear.
  • New shortcuts have been added to switch from free control to spotlight or drawing modes in no time. You can enable them in the preferences panel, on the shortcuts tab.
  • We’ve also been adding chat history with your contacts. This is stored locally on your machine, so you can keep track of what has been told, even when your contacts are offline.
  • Your privacy has always mattered a lot to us, and that from the first day we started building Drovio. Whether you share something with Drovio or just chat, noone but you and the participants can see or hear what’s going on, thanks to Drovio P2P architecture. That being said, we know we still had some progress to make with in-session privacy, especially with our feature that lets you share single windows on your screen. With the latest version, when you put any windows in front of the one being shared, all the participants are able to see is the shared window and nothing else. An orange rectangle around it will let you know it got behind other windows and the participants will be able to bring it back to front when they click on it.

Upvote features or annoying issues on our feedback platform

You want to see what we’ll be building next or you just want to let us know of an annoying issue you’ve been experiencing lately with the app? Be sure to go to There, you’ll be able to suggest and upvote new features, bugs and get a sneak peek at our roadmap. The platform is also accessible from our app in the main menu, feedback and roadmap option.

Happy collaborating!

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