Product Update - June 2022

Julien Lehuraux
June 16, 2022
- 2 min. read

Hi folks, Julien from Drovio here. Time for a new product update.

We have some great news to share this month: meeting scheduling is now available within Drovio.

Meeting scheduling

To get started, make sure the app is up to date on your computer as we released this feature in version 3.3.0.

Then, you’ll find a new calendar button on the app interface. When you click on it, you’ll land on the meetings tab of your Drovio account settings. There, you’ll be able to either start an instant meeting or schedule one for later. This supersedes the previous envelope feature that enabled you to generate links and send invites over email. Our new meeting links are now persistant, meaning that until the presenter joins the session, participants will be in a waiting room.

Scheduling a call for later is quick and easy. Just enter a title, the participants’ emails, fill in the start and end date, select any recurrence and optionally, a description. When you click on save, participants, including you, will receive an invite over email with a link to your meeting. When you’re ready to start the meeting, either click on the link from your calendar or on the start button next to your meeting.

Really soon, you will also be able to schedule a Drovio meeting right from within Google calendar.

Fixes and improvements

This new release also comes with a few fixes and improvements, such as a new single and universal package for macOS to handle both M1 and Intel chipsets. Make sure to check the app release notes on

Hope you’re enjoying these cool new additions.

Happy collaborating!

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