Product Update - July 2022

Julien Lehuraux
July 21, 2022
- 2 min. read

Hey folks, hope you’re all doing good, it’s Julien from Drovio, here to tell you what cool things we added to the app lately.

Share code snippets

In a previous version of Drovio, we introduced chat history that lets you re-read what your contacts said a few days ago. We didn’t want to stop there though, so we decided to improve our chat feature once again!

Starting with Drovio version 3.3.2, private and session chats come with new features. First up, you can now easily share code snippets using the new code block button. Just click on it, enter or paste your code snippet and hit enter. A button on the top right of any code snippets lets you copy them with just one click.

Next, we know emojis have their role in our day-to-day online communication as they help adjusting our tone. They are now supported within Drovio. And we even support emoji codes, using a colon followed by the emoji alias and closed with another colon.

Last but not least, the chat now finally recognizes links.

Drovio for Google Calendar

Last month, I told you a Google Calendar integration was coming your way soon. I’m thrilled to announce that it’s finally available for all. To get started, go to Google Calendar and click on the plus button on the right panel. Search for Drovio and install it. Now, when you create a new event, you’ll be able to select Drovio as your conferencing tool and schedule Drovio meetings right from within Google Calendar.

Share feedback

While a part of the dev team is focused on bringing in new shiny features to upcoming updates, we also managed to fix a few bugs you reported us. Make sure to check the release notes on And as usual, should you experience any issues, have an idea for a feature we’re missing on Drovio, we are all ears on

Take care during the heat waves people, stay hydrated.

Happy collaborating!

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