Product Update - February 2022

Hey folks, time for our February update where I'll expose what we've been up to with the app over the last month. Let's dive in.

Drawing feature improved

We’ve been improving our drawing feature with our latest release. This feature lets you easily brainstorm and convey what you’ve in mind without having to frenetically move your mouse cursor in all directions. As the presenter, you can now make drawings persistent for all the participants. Either from the session toolbar or from the app. If you find out your piece of art is not that great after all, use the eraser by keeping down right click. You can also erase your whole drawing with shift right click. The presenter is able to erase drawings with ctrl shift right click or from within the menu on the session toolbar. In a future release, we’ll be adding new drawing tools including various shapes, the ability to insert text and take a screenshot.

Drag & drop made easier

We know dragging and dropping files has always been tough with Drovio. It should be much easier now in our latest version. We’ve actually increased the timeout before a participant is considered inactive when they keep a mouse button or a key down without doing anything else.

Microsoft Teams integration

Our Microsoft Teams integration is still on its way. We’re currently working with Microsoft in order to get it validated and available for all from their app directory. We hope to have some great news to share shortly.

Lately, we’ve been focusing our efforts on making the app more stable and adding awaited new features. Stay tuned.

Happy collaborating!