App sharing, invitations and MacOS early access

November 23, 2017
- 2 min. read

A new release of USE Together is out and available for download with two new features: single application sharing and invitations. USE Together for MacOS is also available in early access 🚀.

App sharing

Until now, we gave you the ability to share a screen through USE Together. With the latest USE Engine release, you can share an application instead of your whole screen. You can de-facto hide parts of your desktop you don't want to share with your team! 🤫

USE Together makes any application multi-users ready. No need to master any new collaborative application, use your own, together.


No need to set and communicate any password anymore, we have smoothed the user experience: you can now invite someone on your screen from a simple URL. Click on Invite a user, enter an email or send a generated URL: when a user opens it, he will directly join you on your screen without having to sign in or to download anything.

Collaborating on any application has never been this easy! The latest version now supports Opera in addition to Chrome and Firefox and we have planned to bring support for the other web browsers too.

USE Together for MacOS

USE Together for MacOS is available in early access! It already has the latest hot features above! Get your early access and try it before everyone. Subscribe to our Product Hunt upcoming page here.

We really want you to have the smoothest experience possible when sharing a screen (or an app) on USE Together, so we need your help on identifying issues you may find while trying it. If you have any idea for a feature, for improvement, or something you don't really like or you don't understand, just tell us, all feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to send us an email at or join us on Reddit!

Happy screen sharing 🙂

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