Remote Pair programming

Share your IDE and apps

Keep using your favorite one and pair remotely on your screen. You can swap who shares at anytime and iterate effectively, particularly useful when doing TDD (and ping pong pair programming).

You're not limited to IDE sharing: share your web app, Stack Overflow, API docs... In fact, you can share whatever is on your screen.

Pair programming

You're all in control

Every participant gets their own mouse cursor on your screen and can interact with your apps. Driver/Navigator switch is a breeze, no need to pass the control, you already are all in control.

Don't want your pair partners to click everywhere? Switch them back to spectator for a traditional screen sharing experience.


Get straight into action

People can join you on your screen either from the app or from their web browser without having to download nor subscribe to anything.


Voice chat and video

Communication is essential for teams working remotely. Drovio includes crisp audio with echo cancellation and video conferencing support.


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